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Vittorio Emmermann 4 months ago Follow on Twitter

For the first article, I decided to write about writing. Philosophic, right?

So maybe you already saw that my blog style is not really fancy and beautiful. But if I'm being honest: That wasn't my approach. I just wanted to have a clean and right structured page without any fancy items to publish my content on it. Straight forward, isn't it?

And one bonus: It took roundabout 2h to build it, including deployment and newsletter integration. And it's custom build without a template, and without any JS on it.

So what did I learn while building my blog?

  1. START WRITING! It's not essential to have the nicest Backend and the best CMS and the fastest load at the beginning. Just start writing. I struggled days and days with the decision for "How should I do it?", "Should I write in german or in english?", "Should I choose Laravel or Wordpress?" (No just kidding, I would never choose Wordpress)
  2. Don't be shy. I started to tweet more. I began to write more in english. I'm not a native, and I'm not the most skilled guy in English, but that shouldn't bar your creativity and message. Just write as good as you can, and the people will understand!
  3. Laravel is so lovely. Ok, ok, I'd already know that, however, I just wanted to say that.
  4. Fonts are so crucial for blogs! It has to be readable as pleasant as possible, keep the containers tight, and the leading wide!

I’m looking forward to your subscription and feedback!

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